SportsEngine Registration: New Jersey Devils Youth Hockey Club

16-17 Player Directory Information


WELCOME to the Devils Youth Player Directory Information Form!

Many parents have asked us to release other teams' contact information for the purposes of creating carpools.  We would like to help facilitate more convenient travel options for our families, but we take our players' and parents' privacy very seriously and need to obtain permission from families before sharing their contact information.  

The purpose of this registration is to collect information from families who wish to be included in our Player Directory.  Parents can include as much or as little information as they wish, or can opt not to participate at all.  The directory will be directly distributed via email to our membership and will not be posted publicly.  By completing this registration you are giving your permission for us to share your contact information with other families.

Our goal is to distribute the directory by October 5, so please be sure to add your information ASAP and let us know if you have any questions, problems or concerns.  Thanks!


Please direct questions to:

Kelly DiNorcia

Managing Director

Phone: 973-220-4223

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